Sunday, August 25, 2013

when raising your son, look to this.

Being a parent is the most important job in the world. Hands down, no one can really refute this, which is why it is super important that we access the right tools to help raise our children, or future children in my childless case. A Man in the Making: Strategies to Help Your Son Succeed in Life by Rick Johnson is exactly the type of manual parents with boys should pick up. Because God knows, we don't want your son to grow up to be a complete booger. So get it together mom and dad.

What I love about this book the most is that each chapter represents a character or trait or two that you hope your son will obtain. Along with that character trait includes a man in history who has lived that specific trait throughout his life. For example, Chapter 1 is titled Courage: Martin Luther King Jr. Chapter 8 is titled Common Sense and Wisdom: Benjamin Franklin. The layout is fantastic and every chapter holds a level of inspiration that will blow you away.

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