Monday, August 19, 2013

three generations of women, one novel.

In Brenda Janowitz's latest novel, Recipe for a Happy Life, main character Hannah Goodman's seemingly perfect life goes to shit. It really does, but let's begin at the beginning. Hannah grew up with an anything but snuggly famous photojournalist as a mother who always wanted her daughter to make her own way in the world, rather than ride on anyone's coat tails, or trust fund tails. Hannah grows up and becomes a successful lawyer in the big apple, and THEN her life goes to shit. Seeking solace in the one place her mother would not approve, her extremely wealthy grandmother's Hamptons estate, Hannah begins to lick her wounds and find her happy place.

Janowitz's gives us an extremely realistic look into high society, which is a place, that let's be honest, none of us will ever experience, but it's extra fun to read about. Following Hannah around as she has a summer she will never forget, Recipe for a Happy Life easily becomes the best read to end your own summer.

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