Wednesday, August 7, 2013

the REAL game of throwns.

Booker Prize winning author Hilary Mantel's latest novel Bringing up the Bodies is the sequel to her very popular novel, Wolf Hall, continuing the story of Thomas Cromwell; a self made man who rose from common beginnings to become a close advisor to King Henry VIII.

Mantel has turned Anne Boleyn's downfall into a third person narrative, following Cromwell. Everyone is aware that King Henry VIII was a hot mess, and in this story it is Cromwell's job as advisor to the king to clean up his messes. Bodies covers the all-too familiar saga of how Henry falls out of love with Anne and turns to the faithful Cromwell to rid him of her so that he can marry his new love, Jane Seymour. Set in a time and place where the King is all-powerful and can not be contradicted, Cromwell dances with the devil pretty often. Cromwell is characterized in such an interesting way, as a man who sought to serve his King, yet still had his own interests at heart. And HELLO? Everyone is obviously unaware that the lack of heirs is actually the King's fault.

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