Thursday, August 29, 2013

not as light and fluffy as one might expect from the prairie.

Prairie Song by Mona Hodgson is the start of a brand new historical fiction series which is set in 1866 on a wagon train. The novel instantly becomes a "can't put it down" type read as we follow eighteen-year-old Anna Goben, Caleb Reger, and a fabulous cast of characters as they travel on the Boone's Lick Company Wagon Train from St. Charles, Missouri to Sacramento, California.

After the Civil War killed her brother and turned her family's world upside down, Anna has decided to make a change not only for her, but for her mother and grandfather who are still heavily grieving the death of Dedrick. As the Goben family heads to Califironia via wagon train, Anna can't help but worry that the trip will kill them before it brings her family closer together. And then we have trail hand Caleb Reger, who bears secrets that keep him from settling down or releasing his heart to be loved again. I don't need to tell you where THAT is heading. To sum it all up, Hodgson is an excellent historical fiction writer, the story has a lot of spunk, and I highly recommend it.

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