Tuesday, August 27, 2013

become the best version of yourself.

I still don't know my life's purpose, honestly. Not that I am super old and I should know, but I'm also not a baby anymore, so maybe I better get on top of this. Enter my personal life coach, Aila Accad and her new book, The Call of the Soul: A Path to Knowing Your True Self and Your Life's Purpose.

Accad explains that there are a number of chances each of us has for radical change in our lives. These changes can evolve during adolescence, at midlife or again in retirement. Don't look at me, I am not in adolescence or midlife, but if we can choose to live a joyous, passionate, purposeful, loving life at any stage, why wouldn't we? That's where this book and its tools come in to play. Accad lays out clear instructions on how to hear the call of your soul, so that you can begin to lie a life of authenticity and become who you really are.

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