Friday, July 12, 2013

i think we can all agree that the gecko should be president.

The time has finally come, the Gecko has come out with his very first (and soon to be bestselling, I’m sure) book about the important things in life. You’re Only Human: A Guide to Life addresses topics of interest to the popular British icon, including tattoos, flossing, fedoras and my personal favorite, haikus.

In the 164-page paperback, the Gecko shares advice, life lessons if you will. His first being that you should never take life lessons from a gecko. At the end of the day, you need to go with your gut, not that gecko’s shouldn’t be trusted; it’s just that, as with humans, some can’t be.  I did enjoy his Dream Big analogy, stating that dreams are like a pair of trousers, they should be a size or two larger than you need so that you can grow into them. The Gecko does go off on the occasional tangent, which will make you smile while you begin to realize that no one has ever made more sense than the Gecko has to you in that moment. Cheers.

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