Monday, July 8, 2013

double double boozey trouble.

Martha Grimes and her son Ken have combined their issues with cocktails (which tends to run in the family) in a double memoir titled Double Double: A Dual Memoir of Alcoholism. Very clever title, and extremely clever take on the disease that affects more people than you'd think.

The Grimes' have extremely different points of view on their personal addictions to alcohol as you can imagine seeing as they are different genders and different generations. The mother and son share their own personal stories of struggles with drinking, recovery and relapse. Including chapters (identified by their initials) on relationships with others, successes and multiple failures. What makes this memoir so real is the sharing of conversations with each other. It's in an interview kind of format, but it's just a conversation between the two authors. The unique way in which they let readers in is what sets them apart from others in this genre.

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