Wednesday, July 10, 2013

dark and twisted.

In The Burning Air by Erin Kelly, Rowan and Lydia MacBride appear to have the perfect life. They have a strong marriage, healthy children, great careers, they live in a beautiful house, but everyone has their secrets and no one is ever safe from that. Lydia, who has a tumor and expects to die soon, begins writing her last confessions in her journal. Rowan, who is a head master at a prestigious school is targeted by an obsessed mother and son over the rejection of a scholarship.

The Burning Air, told from several different viewpoints and time periods, takes the reader through the intertwining lives of members of the MacBride family and the young Darcy Kellaway. It begins in the present as Lydia writes her darkest secrets in her journal, with all the intent of destroying it, but death claims her before she can. Then enters Darcy, whose story begins in 1996 when he is rejected by Rowan for a spot at the prestigious school, leaving him and his mentally unstable mother devastated. Darcy begins to plot his revenge on the family...and I'll leave the rest up to your imaginations because it gets pretty intense. Erin Kelly makes the reader feel all of the pain, suffering, and psychological trauma that each character suffers.

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