Wednesday, June 19, 2013

grief, marriage and motherhood.

When life gets bad. I mean really, really bad. The people in our lives often remind us that God will never throw something at us that He knows we can't handle. I don't know what people said to Jackie Hance after her tragedy, but I hope it wasn't that. Because if I were her, I would have punched that person in the face.

Jackie Hance lost all three of her young daughters, ages eight, seven, and five in a horrific car accident. She wasn't there, she wasn't even driving, yet she lived with guilt for years after. Hance opens up to us in her memoir I'll See You Again, being very honest and upfront about her feelings, and the trials she faced after such a loss. She shares with us little memories of her daughters, and how she handled finding out she was pregnant with daughter number four. Some may have considered this conception a gift, Hance didn't see it that way at the beginning, she was terrified.

At the end of the day, Hance gives us a memoir about living. Giving us all hope that maybe we can survive anything, just like her.

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