Friday, June 21, 2013

happy first day of summer!

Alternating between the early 1930’s and 1938 author Beatriz Williams uses an historical event, the New England Hurricane of 1938 to paint an engrossing and passionate tale in her latest novel A Hundred Summers.

The years 1931-1932 set the time when our main characters Nick Greenwald and Lily Dane first fall in love, but there relationship is derailed by Lily’s parents who do not agree with their daughters romance with the Jewish, Nick.

Jump ahead to 1938 where Lily is summering at Seaview, the beach house her family has vacationed at for generations. Her best friend Budgie will be arriving shortly at her own family's beach house and Lily is nervous for her arrival since the two haven't spoken in years. Just to make things nice and complicated, Budgie is now Budgie Greenwald, having married Nick. Yes, Lily’s Nick. Now throw in a faked pregnancy, a few affairs, too many lies to count on two hands, and a deadly hurricane, and we have the perfect storm of a novel.

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