Wednesday, May 8, 2013

for the love of poetry.

I have never read a collection of poetry that told as many stories as Charles Harper Webb did in What Things Are Made Of.  Typically poets hide behind literary elements and figurative language, making their meanings subjective to readers. You never really know for sure what the poet thinking exactly. Well, Charles Harper Webb lays it all out there in this poetry series.

Webb gets very personal in the stanzas about the birth of his son. He is relatable in the poem “Bed & Breakfast,” where Webb and his wife are spending a childfree holiday and his poem about his first unrequited love. Webb has slapstick humor down pat, and had me laughing out loud as much as he had me thinking about my own memories on past and present love.

This collection is modern, real, and FUN to read. Take THAT poetry haters.

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