Monday, May 13, 2013

eleanor & park.

I literally just closed Eleanor and Park, which I read cover to cover in less than twenty-four hours. Seeing as I’m young, when I would come to school looking tired at the beginning of the year I would get some questioning looks from students, one even had the nerve to ask me if I was hung over. I explained that I will never come to school hung over (except for the day after St. Patrick’s day, that was the truth), and that I was up late reading a book I got sucked into. Surprisingly, that was an acceptable reason to them. I read until past midnight last night, and finished the novel during my planning period today. My tiredness is now tacitly understood with my students. I kind of like those kids.

When I received Rainbow Rowell‘s Eleanor and Park, I assumed it was a young adult novel, which it is. But seeing as the “fucks” began on the very first page, I have to consider whether I should keep it in my classroom library. Sixteen-year-olds Eleanor and Park met on the school bus. She was strange, with crazy clothes and uncontrollable red hair. He was quiet, with music blaring in his ears, wearing black. They seemed like an odd couple, and really, they were. They really didn’t care much for each other at the beginning. But somehow they managed to fit together in a way that knocked the both of them off their feet. It was that beautiful reckless kind of passionate love you can only experience at that age. Where nothing else mattered, not where you came from or where you’re going, just that you can sit still together for that moment. The kind of love that doesn’t end by choice, but by circumstance, and turns into a lovely memory to carry with you as you continue to grow up. That was Eleanor and Park.
I’m thinking my recommendation is obvious?

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