Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the ultimate obama survival guide.

Welp, didn’t really think that getting a new president would require a survival guide, but according to author Wayne Allyn Root and many others, apparently it does.
In The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive, and Prosper during the Obamageddon, Part One is compiled of sixteen short chapters that describe the author's views on the present economic mess we are in and how the big spending and big deficit policies of Bush and Obama helped create it and how Obama's policies are making this mess a long term reality.
Part Two includes sixteen more chapters on Root’s views of surviving the “Obama Zombie Economy”. He is deathly concerned with all the money printing and believes it will turn our currency into confetti at some point. Well don’t hold anything back, Root.
Wayne Root offers claim after claim about how the administration is changing the face of America, he also offers many fact based websites that offer stats that appear to back up his claims. Interestingly enough, Root paints a very convincing picture of a good state government (Texas) and pairing that with a not so good local government (Detroit), saying that we're going the way of Detroit, gross. But his arguments on this topic along with everything else are pretty right on, and terrifying. Obama’s America pretty much wipes out the middle class, upper middle class, and small businesses. HELLO?! THAT’S US.

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