Friday, April 12, 2013

foxy and badger.

Gerald Seymour’s A Deniable Death is a must-read for lovers of thrillers. In this novel, British intelligence is trying to take out an Iranian genius in developing IEDs (a.k.a. improvised explosive devices) whose efforts have resulted in hundreds of casualties. A two-man team, Foxy and Badger, travel from the marshes of southern Iraq across the border into Iran to discover when the target will travel overseas with his wife so she can have surgery for a brain tumor. The team plants listening devices that they monitor while hidden in Ghillie suits in the swamp around his home. Our protagonists, Foxy and Badger are highly professional and experienced covert observation specialists, but when the information turns out to be elusive and the tension between the two watchers grows as each day in the marshes becomes longer, hotter, and more dangerous.

Seymour has created a truly excellent plot here, with an attention to detail that must have taken a huge amount of research. You just have to respect that.

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