Friday, April 5, 2013

another old school jodi picoult.

While on my vacation to Myrtle Beach last week (I returned Tuesday night to a snowy Western New York and I have to say, I am not pleased) I read Jodi Picoult's The Pact. I chose it because it was the only Jodi Picoult book that I hadn't read in a mass paperback because I am super cheap. I desperately needed a book to take me away while I laid in the sun for an ungodly amount of hours, and Picoult always has my back on that.

(when it got a little too cold, but I still couldn't pull myself away from the sun)

The Pact revolved around the Harte and the Gold families, who have been pretty much inseparable since Augusta (Gus) Harte barged into Melanie Gold's house the day she and her husband, Michael moved in next door. The two young women were pregnant at the very same time. Gus was as big as a house while Melanie had just started to show. And they just connected. Gus gave birth to Christopher, and Melanie gave birth to Emily a few months later which led to the children becoming inseparable as well. A kind of relationship that twins have, although Em and Chris were not actually blood related, which was good because they fell in love as teenagers. Something their parents had always wished for.

Everything was going according to plan, and it was a lovely plan until it completely unravelled with two late night phone calls. Seventeen-year old's Em and Chris had been injured, and as it turned out, they had a plan of their own. To commit suicide together. A suicide pact that turned every one's worlds upside down when Em completed her end of the deal and Chris was unable to make it that far. So here we are with one teenager dead and the other alive talking about a suicide pact that went amiss. The idea of two extremely intelligent and gifted seniors about to begin applying to colleges being involved in a suicide pact was unfathomable to everyone. This was when the idea that a Romeo and Juliet double suicide made a very convincing cover up, for murder.

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