Monday, March 18, 2013

who says?

I am a certifiable feminist, born and raised. I am totally woman here me roar, and all that. I was really excited to dive into Emily Bennington's Who Says It's a Man's World: The Girls' Guide to Corporate Domination, even though being a teacher isn't exactly the corporate world. Being a teacher isn't exactly a career that is dominated by men, either. However, I did find my own connections to Bennington's words.

The world we live in makes being a chick kind of tough in a lot of ways. Women have made significant gains in the workforce during the last century and we keep continuing to do so everyday. Bennington has created this guide on how to gain respect and credibility so that you can go the distance in your career. Reputation is key in any job. Bennington includes the measurable steps that you can take to enhance your reputation in five key areas including, self-awareness, social skills, personal effectiveness, team building and leadership, which I would consider the core of this book.

Bennington hits these five key areas throughout the various chapters, while also including other useful information, I only have time to cover a few bases. There is a section in the book that touches on women preferring men as bosses. In my experiences, I have had women bosses that I've hated and men bosses that I've hated, because I pretty much hate everyone, BUT I've never really cared for any woman with a boss or leadership role over me. Bennington doesn't enjoy this response, but I can't help it! Not enough women have read this book to change my skewed views.

As a first-year teacher, I don't have much of a leadership role in my workplace when it comes to my colleagues in the English department, however, I really wish our department head would have read Chapter 13 - which is designated for team leaders. I found Chapter 14: Solve the Freakin' Problem! to be the most relatable for every job. Bennington discusses workplace problems with co-workers, and how to really handle other people's crazy. Who Says It's a Man's World is the perfect guide for the current and aspiring professional woman.

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