Friday, March 29, 2013

it does take some work to be cheap.

Manfriend and I have been pinching our pennies for the past six months, saving for a house. We've been Grouponing our dinners and letting our mommy's feed us on a regular basis. Brad Wilson's Do More, Spend Less: The New Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less was an instant attraction to my current lifestyle.

Mr. Wilson is pretty fantastic at doing pretty much everything, for dirt cheap. The good news is that he shares his tips on travel, shopping and personal finance, with us po' folks. Wilson gives us all the dirty details on which airline credit cards get the best airline miles. He can get you to Paris and back for practically nothing, including entrance into the fancy airport lounges. Wilson is a bonafide credit card rewards program connoisseur, let me tell you. AND he will save you thousands when buying a car with cash incentives and discounts that I have never even heard of. I am still impressed.

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