Monday, February 25, 2013

oohhhh i wanna dance with somebody.

I grew up listening to Whitney Houston. I was vaguely aware that she was also an actress, but I was more interested in the movie soundtracks, than the actual movies she was in. She sang unlike any other, and I will always appreciate that, no matter what her personal life consisted of.

(terrible movie, amazing soundtrack)

At the end of January, Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston came out with a sort of autobiography about her daughter's life and untimely death titled, Remembering Whitney. Throughout the book Cissy refers to Whitney as "Nippy" which was a little distracting honestly, but many of you will find the nickname endearing. I did enjoy Cissy's voice as she told the story of her own life before she was finally blessed with the little baby girl she had been hoping for. She tells of Whitney's birth to adulthood from the point of view of a proud mother. However, Cissy's voice went from proud to sad pretty quickly when the 2000's hit and Whitney's life started spiralling downhill. As a curious person, I would have liked to read more about Whitney's actual death, Cissy is rather vague about it, only letting us in on when her son called to tell her Whitney had been found dead. She did however share her pain and guilt of being Whitney's mother. Showing us that the only person who can truly save you, is yourself. And may she rest in peace.

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